R E P A I R  P R O C E S S

After you have been involved in an accident or if you have damage to your vehicle, call or stop by one of our collision repair facilities. Our team will inspect the damage and provide a free estimate of the repairs required. You can then drop the vehicle for repairs, or schedule your preferred day to leave the vehicle for repairs. To simplify the repair process, we work directly with your insurance providers to execute the repairs, and also assist in setting up a rental vehicle.

Step 1: Estimate & Vehicle Drop Off:

Step 2: Vehicle Disassembly

After your is dropped at our facilities for repairs, our technicians will begin the disassembly process of the parts requiring repair or replacement on your vehicle. At this point, a second inspection is performed for any additional or hidden damage that was not visible during the preliminary estimate. If any additional damage is identified, we will contact you and work directly with your insurance company to update the repair blueprint.

Your vehicle then moves to the body shop. Our technicians perform all body and necessary structural repair work. All replacement parts and repaired parts are test fitted for quality assurance, and the vehicle is prepared for paint.

Step 3:  Body Repair

Step 4: Paint & Polish

Our paint technicians utilize a Valspar Certified mixing database and digital formula to mix an exact match of your vehicle's paint based on manufacturers' codes. After a match is ensured, paint is then applied in our state of the art CWN paint booth system. Your vehicle is then polished and ready for reassembly process. 

Step 5: Reassembly

The reassembly process occurs with our technicians installing the replacement and/or repaired parts. As the vehicle is reassembled, quality monitoring occurs to ensure perfect alignment and fit of the parts to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Step 6: Clean & Quality Check

Once reassembly is complete, your vehicle will receive a full exterior wash and interior vacuum. A final quality inspection is performed by the body technician, paint technician, and estimator to ensure all aspects of the repairs are complete and at the highest level of quality.

Step 7: Vehicle Pick Up

You vehicle is ready for pick up! Your rental car can be dropped at our facility, final payment is made, and you are on your way!



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